Former headmaster Clayton J. Tidey (right) holds up a sign for Neukom Hall, the humorous name for the Snack Shack, which sold snacks and beverages from 1979-92.

50 YEARS AND COUNTING: Relive Country Day’s history through ‘This We Remember – The First 50 Years’ book

When did the Ancil Hoffman picnic start? Who was the first soccer coach? Why does Ms. LaMay read “To Kill a Mockingbird” with her eighth graders every year? All of the answers can be found in “This We Remember – The First 50 Years,” a 144-page book of Country Day’s history (and the source of this graphic’s statistics). Julie Nelson, director of communications, spent several years scouring Board meeting minutes, amassing information, collecting photographs and writing the body text. Other contributors include teachers, alumni, administrators and members of the Board of Trustees. The book comes in both hardcover and paperback – a hardcover copy can be obtained by emailing Nelson at and making a $250 donation to the 50th Anniversary Fund; a $125 donation will purchase a paperback copy.

Oct012(Graphic by Marigot Fackenthal)

—By Marigot Fackenthal

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