Junior Jesus Galindo-Sanchez vacations at Bijao Resort in Panama this summer. He recently moved back to the United States after 12 years living in Mexico. He lives with middle-school teacher Maya Pelle and her family.

New junior returns to U.S. from Mexico after 12 years; loves soccer, basketball, U.S. history class

Jesus “Chuy” Galindo-Sanchez is a new junior who transferred after living in Mexico for 12 years.

Q: When and why did you come to the U.S.?

A: I was born here in Sac, and my two brothers (Gustavo, ‘00, and Juan Pablo, ‘02)  were in high school by that time. When I was 4, I moved to Mexico. We moved back on Aug. 23, for the (schooling) and security. I also came here for the sports.

Q: Why did you come to SCDS?

A: (My parents gave) me the option to come to (Country Day) or another school in Mexico. Because my two brothers and came here first and they said it was an amazing experience, (I) thought it would be a good place to finish high school. I was also desperate to get out of where I used to live, because I lived there for (a long time), so I decided that it was time to move onwards.

Q: How has your transition been so far?

A: The tempo everyone has (here) is quite speedy, like the teachers are very smart. Here you only have five subjects, but back in Mexico, (I) had eight.

Q: What is your favorite subject?

A: U.S. History with (teacher Bruce) Baird, because I find American history more interesting than Mexican.  The main thing that happens with Mexican history is that we always get screwed over by our own government. In the U.S., the history seems to be more about helping the people, and the U.S. is always winning wars and respect. For being just a country full of immigrants, it has been getting better and better through time. The US has changed from how it began.

Q: What did you do this summer?

A: I went to Panama. I went with my sister to visit my girlfriend. We went every day to visit the national parks, the coast (and other places). I went to a lot of parties back in Mexico, too, with my friends. I hung out with my friends and family a lot, mostly, during my last few months (in Mexico). I also got my (wisdom) teeth out.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Watching and playing basketball and soccer. I get very passionate when a Mexican national team is playing. My favorite soccer team is Barcelona, and basketball would be the Kings, Thunder and Heat.

Q: Where does your nickname “Chuy” come from?

A: Besides being the (usual) nickname of (people named) Jesus (in Mexico), one of my friends in kindergarten called me (Chewbacca) like from “Star Wars.” I could make the sounds (he made).

Q: What was school life like in Mexico?

A: I went to two schools; the first was similar to Country Day, but the main difference was that the students stayed in a classroom and the teachers (rotated). It was very small, which is why it was like Country Day. The other (school) was even smaller – there were only 11 (students) in my class, and 27 in the whole school.

Q: You live with middle-school Spanish teacher Maya Pelle and her husband and their son eighth-grader, Sandor. What is like living with the Pelles instead of your parents?

A: It’s pretty awesome actually. They’re very kind people, and I like living with them. I don’t think it’s more positive or negative than with my parents, [she’s] still taking care of me, providing what I need. I’m really grateful to be living with them.

—By Mac Scott

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