Grant Miner, '15, eats a raspberry popsicle outside his dorm room in Lewis Hall at Kenyon College. The poster on the door is "just this stupid anonymous flag I found at the poster sale," he said.

FRESHMAN FOCUS: Grant Miner too busy to be homesick at Kenyon College

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Grant Miner, ‘15, attends Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. His major is currently undeclared.

Q: What classes are you taking this year?

A: I’m taking an introductory English course on comedy called The Assault of Laughter, a course on the history of Mexico (not my first choice, but it worked with my schedule and is actually very interesting), a generic Spanish class, another generic biology class and a biology lab.

Q: What class is your favorite?

A: I think the English class is my favorite, as it tends to be the one with the most interesting discussions. Our homework for Friday was to watch a comedy special and discuss it in class, so that was neat. Unfortunately, we’re reading “Slaughterhouse-Five” again, but it’s fine. At least I’ll be an expert.

Q: Are you in any clubs?

A: I’m in jazz band and a movie club, and I work for the newspaper too.

Q: What’s the newspaper’s name and what is your position?

A: It’s called The Collegian, and freshmen don’t really have positions. We all just contribute to the paper, so I guess we’re contributors.

Q: Do you like being on the staff?

A: I’m already swamped with work. My first column had to be late because people I needed to talk to hadn’t emailed me back. Oh, well. I was hoping to make a good first impression, but it’s okay. They seem to be pretty understanding.

I also went out with a photographer to do some interviews for a feature story.  It was for a segment called “Educated Home” (or something like that) where they feature one of the many historic homes on campus and interview their inhabitants – usually professors.

Q: How’s the jazz band?

A: I don’t know how selective they were, because I’ve only just joined the band and I have no idea who got in or why.

The Kenyon music groups are pretty interesting, because it’s an eclectic mix of hobbyists, accomplished music majors and some random old people/professors from the surrounding community.

It is a class, however, so the extra GPA padding is nice. Although I may be speaking too soon, as the music is pretty hard. But, hey, at least I have a free locker and practice rooms that are almost always empty.

Q: How are the dorms?

A: Well, our AC was down for a week, and it’s usually about 85 degrees and horribly humid. Luckily, the heat seems to have mysteriously vanished into a cool rain that’s been hanging over us for the past few days, and the AC was fixed. Our hot water was gone for a few days too, but it’s all good now.

Q: How’s the food?

A: Well, I’ve never really eaten at a school cafeteria before this, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. But I’m pretty satisfied.

Q: What’s your roommate like?

A: We get along pretty well. He’s pretty cool, and we mostly do the same things. We don’t really bother each other, and neither of us has girls over 24/7.

Q: Are you homesick?

A: I’m a bit homesick, but with technology I can just call my parents whenever I miss them. Although I do miss my parents and California,  I have too much homework to be homesick. With the workload that I have, I just don’t have enough time for private thoughts.

Q: How much each night?

A: I’d say that I have four-ish hours of homework each night, including jazz band and the newspaper.

Q: Do you have any funny stories?

A: On the first day, we went out into the woods and harvested butterflies. After we brought them back and killed them and put them on one of the pinboards. We did some experiments with them, but afterwards we were left with our pinboards of butterflies.

Some people decided to hang their pinboards up as art, but mine was too damaged to display. So my friends and I brought it out into the woods and we decided to give them a “Viking Funeral.” I lit the pinboard on fire as my friend played “Funeral March” on his trumpet as we watched it burn.

Q: Any advice for the class of ‘16?

A: Make sure you register for classes online as soon as registration opens, especially if you want to take a popular class. 

—By Quin LaComb 

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