New sophomore Sahej Claire ate in Little Italy during her trip to New York City with her mother this summer.

Sahej Claire, singer and crime show fan, returns to SCDS

Sahej Claire is a new sophomore who transferred from Mira Loma High School. Claire attended Country Day from third to fifth grade.

Q: What is it like coming back to SCDS?

A: I’m really excited about coming back. I had a great time here when I was younger, and while I don’t regret leaving, I’m definitely looking forward to finishing high school at SCDS.

Q: Why did you decide to return?

A: It’s a lot easier for my parents because my brother and I are at the same school now, so the schedules aren’t different.

Also the classes at Mira Loma were getting kind of crazy because we did a lot of busy work instead of critical thinking and comprehending, which is an obvious difference compared to Country Day.

Q: Are you interested in any sports?
A: I really enjoy volleyball, but I’m doing crew this year at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: Reading, singing, volleyball, watching crime shows and writing.

Q: How long have you been singing?

A: I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I’d tell my parents to raise the volume of the radio in the car so I could sing along to the music that was playing. I started choir at an organization called Sacramento Children’s Chorus four years ago, then switched to voice lessons about a year and a half ago.

Q: What’s your favorite crime show?

A: “Bones.” I love how they use really scientific terminology for everything. And they do a lot of anatomical and physiological stuff, which is something I really enjoy learning about.

My second favorite would be “Castle,” which was the first crime show I watched.

Q: What subjects are you most interested in?

A: Definitely the sciences, but I also really love English.

Q: How is Country Day different from Mira Loma?
A: The class aesthetic is a lot more open and in depth, and you’re able to move at your own pace rather than that of the teacher. The classes are a lot smaller, too, so you’re able to get to know the teachers more and connect with other students, especially those in different grades.
Q: What type of programs did you participate in at your other schools?

A: I was in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) at (Winston Churchill Middle School) and Mira Loma. You still go to normal classes. There’s just a more advanced curriculum.

Claire visited the Hope sculpture by Robert Indiana on 53rd Street in New York City.
(Photo courtesy of Claire)
Claire visited the Hope sculpture by Robert Indiana on 53rd Street in New York City.

Q: What did you do this summer?

A: My mom and I traveled to New York. We went to see the show “Matilda” on Broadway and to go to the top of the Empire State Building. I loved the view up there, especially because we went at night.

My family along with a lot of my cousins went to Half Moon Bay, Calif., which is a tradition of ours every summer. It was very laidback, and we got to make s’mores around a fire pit and go down to the beach. The weather there is a lot cooler than it is here in Sacramento, so I was really happy about that.

—By Ulises Barajas

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