FRESHMAN FOCUS: Brandon Paw’s dorm sets off the fire alarm three times at CSU San Bernardino

Brandon Paw, ’14 is a freshman at CSU San Bernardino, where he majors in computer science.

Q: So, Brandon, tell me about San Bernardino.

A: Well, it’s kind of near L.A., although much more inland, near Riverside. So far the weather has always been really hot or really cold, so at least it’s interesting. Everyone here’s pretty nice, and I have no trouble when I take the bus to go grocery shopping.

Q: You don’t have a meal plan?

A: I do, but the Commons is closed on weekends, so I have to make my own food, namely ramen.

Q: You cook your own ramen?

A: Of course not, Grant! Do you have any idea how much work that is? A lot.

Q: I’ve heard you’re studying computer science. How do you like it?

A: Well, I haven’t found any other majors I like more. I learn quite a bit, unlike my other classes where I haven’t learned a single thing.

Q: You haven’t? Why not?

A: Psychology was kind of a joke class to begin with, and all we’ve done in English is talk about our literacy sponsors. Basically, they’re anybody who taught you stuff when you were growing up.

Q: Sounds…umm… interesting.

A: No. Maybe for about a week, but that’s it.

Q: My last interviewee gave me a pretty good college story. What do you have for me? 

A: Well, my dorm is the only one to have triggered the fire alarm, and we’ve done it three times.

Q: Three?

A: The first time was the night before midterms. Everyone heard the alarm and had to clear out fast. One guy was butt naked and only had a towel. Turns out, the guy who set it off had burnt his rice. How do you even do that? To this day, no one in my dorms understands how it was possible.

The second time, somebody claimed that the alarm lever got caught on his shirt, and the third was just somebody that decided putting metal in the microwave was a good idea.

Q: Can you explain why no other dorm has had this problem?

A: Honestly, I can’t. I mean, burning rice? I can’t even understand that. Metal in the microwave? That’s just stupid. The shirt thing I have a hard time even believing.

Q: How’s your roommate?

A: He’s pretty cool. He does the same things that I do for fun: watch anime and play video games. I told him I that I used to be diamond rank in League of Legends (although I’m platinum ranked now), and now he won’t ever play with me. I think he’s self-conscious about his skill because he’s only bronze ranked.

Q: He can’t be that bad.

A: He’s probably better than you, Grant. At least he plays more than once a month!

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