Abi Pantoja, '14, stands on top of Lone Mountain.

FRESHMAN FOCUS: Abi Pantoja daunted by San Francisco’s public transportation

Abi Pantoja, ‘14, is majoring in physics at University of San Francisco.

Q: What are you majoring in?

A: Physics.

Q: What were some of the orientation activities that you participated in?

A: There weren’t many activities, but there was a dance at the very end of orientation week. Also, there were meetings based on your majors.

Q: Do you like San Francisco?

A: Yes, I love it here.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the city?

A: Everything. I love the people and the weather. It can be cold in the morning and you can wear a cute sweater, and then it can be warm in the afternoon so you can wear some shorts and a shirt.

Q: Do you use public transportation?

A: Yeah. It can be interesting sometimes. It’s basically really crowded with (a bunch of) people. There’s a lot of creepy people. I got lost the first time I used it and was really scared.

Q: Is the area safe?

A: Yeah, it’s really safe. But not the public transportation because of the weird people.

Q: What do you do for fun?

A: I basically stroll around when I have free time. I’ve been to a few events. I went to the 22nd Street Block Party, where they had a bunch of music. I also went to the de Young Museum and there were a bunch of different things to do there, like there were Asian culture movies that you could watch. During the weekends, I hang out with friends that don’t go to the same school as me. I met them through my roommate, Emily.

Q: What’s your dorm like?

A: I live in a triple, so I have two roommates, Claire and Emily. I’m closer with Emily than I am with Claire. I don’t see Claire a lot, because she doesn’t come back till like 5 a.m. I live in Gillson Hall. Everyone calls it “Ghetto Gillson” because the elevator gets stuck and the TVs don’t work.

Q: What is your roommate like?

A: Me and my roommate Emily are really close. We are practically the same person. We share everything with each other because we are the same size in clothing and in shoes. We have the same class time schedule, so we eat lunch together and hang out during breaks.

Q: Are you playing any sports?

A: No.

Q: Have you gone to any games?

A: No, but I was going to go to a soccer game once. I ended up not going because I slept through it.

Q: Are you rushing any sororities?

A: I’m not sure yet. The one I’m kind of interested in is a Latina-based sorority. But I can’t rush until next semester.

Q: What’s the food like?

A: Really healthy and super organic. It’s pretty good. (But) you get tired of it really fast. But I still eat it because I’m always hungry.

Q: Have there been any dances?

A: Just the one at Orientation. I didn’t like it, though. The school is really small, and it kind of reminds me of Country Day. It was awkward (because) there were just a group of people dancing in the middle and everyone standing near the walls awkwardly.

Q: Have you seen anyone from Country Day in San Francisco?

A: Sarah Wilks and I went to the 22nd Street Block Party together.

Q: Any advice for the class of ’15? 

A: When choosing your classes, make sure you have the campus map on hand. You don’t want to be stuck with having classes that are across campus and you only have a small passing period in between.

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