Stasia Ferry poses with friends at a Christmas party that she and her roommates threw last semester. Cramming a lot of people in one room during quiet hours was a real struggle, Ferry said. (Photo courtesy of Ferry)

Freshman Focus Q&A: Stasia Ferry calls Ohio weather ‘bipolar’

Stasia Ferry, ‘13, recently completed her freshman year at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio. Her major is currently undeclared, but she is leaning towards marketing and economics.


Q: What classes did you take, and which did you like the best?

A: I took Standard English 105, Marketing Management, Art History and Spanish (first semester).

I then took Literature and Thought of Ancient Rome II, Intro to Psychology, Early American History and Self in Society, an upper level sociology course (second semester).

First semester, my favorite class was Marketing Management. My teacher was super dry. Literature and Thought of Ancient Rome II was probably my favorite class second semester. I loved my teacher. He went on these really long, funny tangents.


Q: How was your dorm? The weather? The food?

A: I was in the main freshman dorm. It’s called Bashford Hall, but everyone calls it Trashford Hall because it’s so gross. It was really gross, but you make do.

The weather’s really bipolar. One day, I walked out of my dorm at 9:45 in the morning, and I was wearing a summer dress because it was super nice outside. I got out of my hour-long class, and it was snowing. It was pretty rough in winter. There was one -30 degree day. Our school was in the news because we were the only one that was open.

There’re two dining halls on campus. One’s kind of gross. You get sick of it. The smell of the food seeps into your clothes. You might as well just go back to your dorm and change. The other is all right. But the hot food line takes like half an hour.


Q: Did you participate in any extracurricular activities?

A: At the beginning of the year, I signed up for a bunch of things. Sometimes I showed up for meetings, and sometimes I didn’t. One of my good friends is always involved in these cultural groups on campus. I always showed up to her events.


Q: Have you ventured into the town surrounding your school? What’s it like?   

A: It’s really small. The Dirty D (Delaware) has two stoplights in town. When you go into the town, everyone goes to the bar. The bar is disgusting, but everyone ends up there. When you see it in the day time, you’re like, “This is so sad. It’s where dreams go to die.” There’re a few places to eat in.


Q: What’s the most embarrassing freshman mistake you made?

A: The first day of classes I wore a skirt because it was really hot outside. I threw my backpack on without thinking. My skirt rode up. I just ended up flashing the entire campus. It was a really great way to start college.


Q: What has disappointed you about Ohio Wesleyan?

A: The lack of classes. I understand it’s a small, private, liberal arts school. There isn’t a wide variety of classes unless you’re a zoology major. I like the classes, but I want more.


Q: What has surprised you?

A: Probably the people. I thought I didn’t really know how to handle coming from California to the Midwest.  I thought it would be a big culture shock. But it was easy. People are open to new things and really accepting.


Q: What would you say has been the highlight of going to college?

A: The highlight probably was—I don’t want to give you a stupid answer but—being on my own for the first time. People are far less judgemental once you get out of high school. I really like everybody there.


Q: Any advice for the class of ‘14?

A: Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to talk to people you wouldn’t consider talking to before. If you’re afraid to talk to the star of the football team, be just like, “Whatever.”

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