School blacklists popular social news website Reddit

If you’re a regular Reddit user, you know how to use the social news website: you can visit any section simply by adding its name to the URL.

There’s for puppies, kittens and anything cute. Or when you’re in the mood for more raunchy content, simply replace “aww” with “gonewild,” confirm you’re over 18 years of age and behold pages of female Reddit users exhibiting their figures.

For those not familiar with the process, Reddit is a social news website where users post and comment on content encompassing any and every subject.

Users post links (to images, videos, articles—literally anything) or written “self posts” in one of over 67,000 distinct sections (“subreddits”).

Links are displayed based on age and popularity, so the newest submissions with the most “upvotes” appear at the top of the page.

In addition, content is “completely new every two hours,” sophomore Alex Bushberg said.

About 10 percent of high-school students say they visit the site daily, and 6 percent more visit at least a few times a month.

But the site’s boundless content also led to it becoming blocked on the school’s network two weeks ago.

“There’s so many things on there that are less than desirable,” Tom Wroten, director of technology, said.

Bushberg suggested only the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits such as “gonewild” be blocked.

But this would be too difficult—there are over 1000 distinct NSFW subreddits alone.

Garrett Kaighn

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