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‘The Poet X’ chosen to open ‘more routes for discussion’

Head of High School Brooke Wells discussed his thoughts on the book and the impact he hopes it will have on the SCDS community.

Q: Why did you choose “The Poet X?”

A: I thought the form was really neat. Storytelling through slam poetry is really interesting.

Q: What did you think about the setting of the book?

A: It’s a coming-of-age story set in a city other than Sacramento, starring a Dominican girl. I think it’ll open up more routes for discussion.

Q: What kind of discussions are you hoping to have about the book?

A: The kind of discussions that bring people together. We can learn about each other, and we can meet people from different grades, and they can share their own experiences. 

Q: How did you choose “The Poet X” for the entire high school to read?

A: It wasn’t just me. I had other people read it, and I read a lot of other books. I liked the form of it, and I thought it was really fun to read a book written in poetry that tells an overarching story. It’s also a quick read. I sent out sample books to everyone, and they all read it and agreed that it might be a fun book to read, so we chose it.

Q: Did you choose this because it was a coming-of-age story?

A: It’s always nice to have a protagonist that’s similar in age to you, so you can relate to them more. Here’s a girl growing up, so you can empathize. You can connect with that on some level because we’ve all grown up at some point.

Q: What do you think your favorite poem in the book is?

A: Oh, I don’t know… I liked “First Day of School,” though.

Q: What do you think the takeaway message is?

A: I don’t usually have a message in mind for books. We don’t teach books to teach a lesson. The most important thing I’d like us to come away with is we should have a great understanding of our classmates. Anytime we can connect across ninth through 12th grade is what I’m hoping for.

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— By Natalie Park

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