‘Sonic’ doesn’t zoom past expectations

“Sonic the Hedgehog” was released on Feb. 14, finally gifting a movie to one of the most famous video game characters ever. Even though the production of this movie had a rocky start, the result wasn’t terrible, especially for a kids’ movie. 

Sonic, a super-powered hedgehog,  meets a cop named Tom Wachowski, who must help Sonic retrieve his lost rings. To make everything more complicated, Dr. Robotnik is following them the whole way attempting to capture Sonic.

While there were definitely a lot of cons, including the strangely dark jokes and overacting of Jim Carrey, who played Dr. Robotnik, there were also a fair bit of pros, such as the high-quality visual effects and some of Sonic’s funnier lines. Overall, the cons outweighed the pros — but only barely.

Starting with the cons, there were a few very odd lines, including jokes about gang violence, drug dealers and even suicide. And remember, this movie is rated PG. For example, near the end, the protagonists must get on the roof of the Transamerica Pyramid to get Sonic’s rings. The door to the roof is locked, so they have to find another way. Instead of simply showing his badge or asking politely, the main character, Wachowski (James Marsden), tells the office receptionist that there is a “jumper” on the roof, and he needs to get there immediately. This didn’t fit the light, childish tone in the rest of the movie.

Another problem I had was with Carrey. As usual, his extreme overacting just isn’t funny after his first scene. It’s not just that I’m getting older and maturing. I’ve never really liked him because his mannerisms are annoying. In all of his movies, he just acts overdramatically for no reason.

The worst part of Carrey’s acting in this movie was a two-minute dance number that was painful to watch. I just sat there wanting it to end and moving farther and farther back in my chair to get away from the screen and the walls, which seemed to be closing in on me. Soon, it was over, and I felt relieved knowing I would never have to endure that again.

Also, going on one quick tangent, Sonic did the flossing dance twice. WHY!??!?!?? The move was popular three years ago. What is the reason for this madness? I bet the person who wanted this just likes to watch the world burn.

On to the positive notes in the movie. The visual effects were very good. In the first trailer, Sonic looked very strange, to say the least, but in the finished product, he looked a lot more cartoonish, which is perfect for his character. The first design looked like if you mixed Sonic with a human, creating a disgusting mutant that should be put in a cell and have the key thrown away. The new, improved version looks like a nice, friendly kids’ character that can be marketed as a stuffed animal or toy.

The computer-generated imagery looked great in this movie; it all looked photo-real. Another good thing about this movie is that many lines were actually really funny. For example, most of the movie takes place in the town of Green Hills, Montana, where an old crazy guy thinks he has seen Sonic. No one believes him, so he draws a picture of what he thinks Sonic looks like. The picture is the classic Sonic meme entitled “Sanic.” 

Another funny part was when Sonic, who was still hiding from the public at the time, watches Wachowski choose a movie to watch. Sonic mutters to himself that Wachowski should choose “Speed” because Sonic loves Keanu Reeves. After all, who doesn’t like Keanu Reeves?

The end-credit scene featuring Sonic’s sidekick, Tails, strongly suggests a sequel, which isn’t a bad thing. Although the sequel will probably be worse because it’s a sequel, this movie was good enough to deserve it.

Overall, this is a great gag movie to see with friends because it’s easy to make fun of but not so bad that it’s boring.


By Dylan Margolis

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