Agent Alex and freedom fighter Farah Karim prepare for a battle against terrorists as one of the campaign missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which boasts realistic graphics, according to sophomore Arijit Trivedi. (Screenshot courtesy of Trivedi)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare meets high expectations, excels with outstanding campaign

Sophomores Arijit Trivedi and Arjin Claire played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare together. This game takes place in a realistic setting and follows CIA, Marines and British officers in the fictional country of Urzikstan, where they team with rebel forces to push out invading Russian forces. 

Arijit Trivedi: Holy smokes! This game is intense!

Arjin Claire: I know, dude! As soon as we started, we jumped right into the action.

AT: The realism really shocked me. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill first-person shooter (FPS). The campaign tackles pressing issues such as terrorism and doesn’t shy away from showing the gory and violent aspects of fighting it.

AC: Definitely. I was not expecting the campaign to be so direct.

With that said, the campaign was really fun and engaging. 

AT:  I agree. The music, graphics and cinematic cutscenes were all spectacular, contributing to the movie-like feel of the campaign. 

AC: Especially the insane graphics, bro. 

Everything looked so real, and that really enhanced my experience of the game. It felt more like real life than any other game I have played.  

AT: Not to mention, the characters were so captivating that I wanted to continue to play as them. My favorite character was Alex, a CIA officer who helped the Urzikstani Liberation Force fight for their freedom in the game.

AC:  Oh yeah, Alex’s mustache was great.

Even though we didn’t make it through the entire story, it was really well made, which helped to keep me engaged and wanting to play more. 

What would you say was the best campaign mission?

AT: I don’t think I had a favorite. I loved the entire campaign, but the mission that stood out the most was probably Clean House. Its downright gritty realism really stuck with me.

The mission had Kyle, one of the three playable characters, join a special-operations team and infiltrate a terrorist house. The nighttime setting along with the quick action made this short mission really stand out.

AC: Yeah, that mission was riveting. Especially when you had to bash open a door and check the room for any terrorists.

AT: On another note, I appreciated that it took breaks from the relentless shooting. There were missions where we had to sneak through areas and plant explosives or guide civilians to safety. However, there weren’t enough breaks. For me, long shooting missions took the interest out of the story. It became too tedious and too much like the multiplayer.

AC: Speaking of the multiplayer, let’s get into that.

AT: Well, it felt like any other Call of Duty (COD) multiplayer with a few distinctions. First and foremost, the Realism Team Deathmatch mode was extremely different from any FPS multiplayer I’ve played. The first match we played was extremely difficult for me. I was surprised by the lack of heads-up-display and the odd aiming mechanic. Instead of aiming through a reticle, we had to aim with a laser.  It was nighttime in the match, so we had to use night-vision goggles that gave everything a green tint. I enjoyed the new mode, but I don’t know if it’s for me. I prefer the traditional Team Deathmatch.

AC: I agree. It was definitely unexpected and challenging for new players. While I think it is a cool concept, it took some getting used to the lack of radar and laser aiming. 

However, the normal Team Deathmatch and hardpoint modes — which are both staples of Call of Duty games — made a return and were extremely fun to play. They have new maps that take some getting used to, but I had a lot of fun learning them. 

AT: It’s been a while since I’ve played an FPS game, so I wasn’t exactly enjoying myself when I couldn’t get a kill for a long time. But as soon as I got more used to it and got a legendary kill streak, I felt empowered again. 

Also, I’d like to mention the variety of available weapons. When you start the game as a level 1, you have access to some pretty solid weapons, which really helps when you play against level 145 opponents. 

Oh LOL, that reminds me of the only 2v2 match we played.

AC: The one against the two high-level players who managed to always kill you right off spawn?

AT: Hey now, I got a few shots off. I died gloriously in a hail of enemy bullets while protecting you.

AC: No, don’t lie. You died almost instantaneously, leaving me to survive on my own for all six rounds. 

AT: Yeah, well the final score was 6-0, them, so you didn’t “survive” well enough. But again, neither did I. Regardless, I think I speak for both of us when I say we were too traumatized to play another 2v2 match.

But still, being level 2 didn’t stop us from playing the giant Ground War mode where two teams of 32 players fight and capture objectives to win.

AC: Yeah except for the fact that even though it was fun, I couldn’t spawn in for more than 30 seconds at a time because I kept dying. 

AT: Not to mention, we couldn’t find anyone to shoot. I just saw our teammates driving around in vehicles such as APCs (armored personnel carriers) and tanks. There were also helicopters, if I remember correctly.

AC: Yep, I got destroyed by one while I was running to a battle zone.

But Ground War was a really cool and creative concept that I enjoyed. I just wish I could have gotten more time in some vehicles.

Along with this, the mode definitely takes some getting used to, especially when you try to see enemy players. 

AC: I also found the grenade mechanics a little difficult to master because it was unlike a lot of other games I had played, especially when you cook the grenades (hold them until just before they explode and then throw them). 

However, I think that this is to be expected. No game is perfect — there will always be issues with something. That being said, I think this was one of the best installments to the COD franchise.

AT: Yes, this was a huge improvement over last year’s COD game, Black Ops 4. While that game was largely a disappointment for me because of its lack of a campaign, Modern Warfare was quite the opposite. Not only were the story and game mechanics top tier, it also opened my eyes to the growing threat of terrorism. In fact, I would say this is my favorite COD game to date.

By Arijit Trivedi and Arjin Claire

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