Theatrical poster of the TV series "The Walking Dead." (Photo retrieved from AMC studios)

QUARANTINE PICKS: ‘The Walking Dead’ exceeds expectations with special effects, detailed storyline

This is the third of six mini-reviews of movies and TV shows perfect for at-home entertainment.

When the world spirals into chaos, how far would you go to survive?

“The Walking Dead” is a series on AMC about one group’s survival in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world. In its 10th season, it has been nominated for 155 awards and won 70, including two Primetime Emmys.

The series follows sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes as he leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

Brilliant cinematography prevails throughout the show. So does gore, especially on the zombies’ faces. However, if the sight of blood disturbs you, this series isn’t for you.

The antagonists in “The Walking Dead” are especially convincing; you’ll hate them with all your heart.

While survivors fight the dead and fear the living, their relationships flourish and deteriorate, creating even more drama.

With cliffhangers that won’t let you change the channel, “The Walking Dead” is a must for all survival enthusiasts.

By Rod Azghadi

Originally published in the April 28 edition of the Octagon.

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