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Gabi Alvarado


Sophomore Gabriela Alvarado loves writing poetry, reading, and listening to music. She enjoys classic rock and folk music, such as Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan. She also often plays pool and was taught by he...

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Larkin Barnard-Bahn


Larkin Barnard-Bahn is a freshman who came to Country Day last year. She enjoys singing and recently toured in the Baltic States and Finland with her chorus. She also has been in many plays and musicals, along with a couple o...

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Emma Boersma


Freshman Emma Boersma loves most food in general, but especially pasta. If you ask her to share, depending on her mood she may or may not relent (but with an excessive amount of groaning). She likes to draw and doodles all over he...

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Jacqueline Chao


Jacqueline is a sophomore. She enjoys photography, reading and watching shows on Netflix. She is part of the tennis team and also a fan of swimming. Over the summer, she volunteered at a hospital and tried to teach herself Germ...

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Jack Christian

Social Media Editor

Jack Christian has been at the school for 12 years. He has a sister in 7th grade and another on the way. Luckily Jack loves kids. His favorite place is Walton’s Grizzly Lodge, where he was a camper for three years and then a CILT...

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Sahej Claire

Online Copy Editor

Junior Sahej Claire prides herself on being (almost) unhealthily obsessed with books and reading even when she doesn’t have time. She enjoys rowing for Capital Crew’s Varsity Women as well as running the Design Thinking Clu...

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Annya Dahmani

Feature Editor, Page Editor

Annya is a junior who has attended Country Day since kindergarten. She loves playing sports; her favorites are volleyball and track and field. She enjoys listening to music as well, especially songs by her favorite rapper, G-Eazy....

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Katia Dahmani

Opinion Editor, Page Editor

Katia Dahmani is a junior who has been at SCDS since kindergarten and on staff for three years. Katia has also played for the girls’ varsity basketball and volleyball teams for three years. When she’s not writing a story for...

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Bri Davies


Freshman Bri Davies has attended Country Day for just under two-and-a-half years. She enjoys playing a variety of sports and is currently a starter on the varsity volleyball team. Aside from volleyball, basketball and skiing consuming...

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Adam Dean

Print Editor-in-Chief

Adam Dean is a senior. He came to Country Day in his sophomore year after moving from Orange County. Adam enjoys watching sports and playing basketball, soccer and lacrosse. He spends most of his free time playing with his Shib...

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Marigot Fackenthal

Print Editor-in-Chief

Senior Marigot Fackenthal thinks of herself as primarily a STEM student, but she also enjoys writing. She loves processed food but was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and is now on a mission to eat vegetables. Marigot’s ...

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Patricia Fels


Patricia Fels has advised the Octagon every year but one since 1977, making her old enough to remember pasting up pages with wax and X-Acto knives, setting headlines in a darkroom, sending photos to Terry’s, and driving flats...

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Anna Frankel


Freshman Anna Frankel has been at SCDS since kindergarten. Along with re-watching her favorite “TV” shows, she loves to read, cook and travel to interesting places such as Australia and Spain. She also likes the color red, d...

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Sonja Hansen

Online Editor-in-Chief

Sonja Hansen is a junior who has been at Country Day since first grade. This is Sonja’s third year on the staff. She has visited over 30 countries with her two sisters, third-grader Morgan and sophomore Bianca, and brother, ...

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Kevin Huang


Kevin is a senior, and this is his third year working as a photographer for Octagon. During his free time, Kevin enjoys playing badminton and practicing Chinese martial arts. Kevin is also a big fan of photography; every summer,...

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Quin LaComb

Print Copy Editor, Multimedia and Tech

Senior Quin LaComb is perpetually tired and, therefore, is quite the coffee and tea enthusiast. In his free time he enjoys gaming, perusing the internet, hunting and procrastinating. At school, his favorite subjects are math ...

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Mehdi Lacombe


Mehdi Lacombe is a new sophomore at SCDS. He has traveled all around the world, having lived in the United States, France, Belgium and now back in the U.S. Even though this is his first year doing journalism, he has been interes...

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Bryce Longoria


Junior Bryce Longoria came to Country Day as a freshman. His favorite sports are basketball and football. His favorite basketball team is the Kings, and his favorite player is Isaiah Thomas. He plays for the school basketball...

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Jake Longoria


Junior Jake Longoria is a fan of most music, but his favorite genre is rap. His favorite artists include 21 Savage, Rae Sremmurd and Lil Uzi Vert. Jake also enjoys playing video games. He has become one of the best players in the ...

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Jackson Margolis


Jackson Margolis, 10-year Country Day veteran, is an enthusiastic new Octagon staffer. He has participated in school activities including National History Day, school plays, basketball and the Creative Writing Club. Outside of school...

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Chardonnay Needler

Business Manager

Chardonnay Needler’s idea of a wild night is sipping a cup of emperor’s chá, not chai, and watching Doctor Who in French (since she’s already memorized every line in English). A chronic multi-tasker, Chardonnay loathes wasted time ...

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Riya Rampalli


Junior Riya Rampalli spends much of her free time binge-watching British detective shows. She usually watches these shows streamed on Netflix, although she finds that the better ones are typically available on iTunes. As an indi...

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Mohini Rye

Cartoonist, Page Editor

Sophomore Mohini Rye has a talent for doodling on things she shouldn’t, such as her English final. Other than drawing, she has an affinity for procrastinating and daydreaming; on the upside, this is when she gets most of her ar...

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Benett Sackheim


Sophomore Benett Sackheim is in his 12th year at SCDS. This is his first year on the Octagon as a staff photographer. Benett has an older sister graduating from Temple University next spring. He enjoys a good sushi roll any ti...

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Héloïse Schep


Freshman Héloïse Schep loves reading, singing and helping her community. She likes learning about history and languages, studying cultures, being a perfectionist and building robots. In addition, Héloïse is obsessed with dogs...

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Spencer Scott


Freshman Spencer Scott has been at SCDS for two years with this year being his third. He enjoys studying history, especially military conflicts such as World War I or the Franco-Prussian War. His favorite recreational activity ...

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Garrett Shonkwiler


Garrett Shonkwiler is a freshman and new attendee at Country Day. He plays soccer for the school, but flag football with the CSD (Community Service District). He hopes, however, to join any league that Country Day may create in ...

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David Situ


David Situ is a freshman who has attended SCDS since kindergarten. He plays violin in the high-school orchestra and will be on the golf team later this year. Some of David’s hobbies are playing games of any kind, sleeping, co...

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Rebecca Waterson


Freshman Becca Waterson is rarely found anywhere besides the pool and school. At home she loves laughing and running around the backyard with her dogs. At school she enjoys math and science and hopes to work for a computer sc...

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Nicole Wolkov

Page Editor

This is senior Nicole Wolkov’s second year on the newspaper. She is a Lifer and thinks that no school is better than SCDS, although she has never been to another one. In her abundant free time, she enjoys martial arts, cookin...

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Allison Zhang

Page Editor

Sophomore Allison Zhang tends to procrastinate, but she vows to change that habit next week. She spends her free time (which she has acquired by procrastinating) watching illegal clips of “Grey’s Anatomy” on YouTube. Allison ...

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